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Anonymous asked: Hello, I just wanted to tell you that you, your art, and items for sale are amazing !

Thank you dear :))))))

I open an art blog for online portfolio

Welcome to follow :)))

younopoo asked: So if we can't get your things on Etsy anymore, where can we buy them?

I have society6 and redbubble. But someday I will reopen my etsy shop.

Anonymous asked: How long does it usually take one of your packages to arrive in America?


Anonymous asked: I don't live in London. I mean I'm moving back to Portugal. :( But if i'm ever in London again.. Yeah maybe. i saw on your instagram you went to 221b. It was srsly one of the first things I did.

Hahahaha!! I think every fangirl want to visit 221b, right? :)))))

Actually I still got my band stickers, but the shop need to close now, maybe I will re-open after I move to London, when everything settle down :)) so see ya soon.

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